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"'The truth is so interesting in this city, you don't have to make up a thing,'... Grimball said."
  - Chicago Tribune February 20, 2000




Tour Schedule       


  January 1 - Februay 10 Closed  
  February 11 - July 31 Wednesday & Saturday, 9:30am  
  August 1 - September 10 Closed  
  September 11 - Decembter 31 Wednesday & Saturday, 9:30am  

Private Tours Are Available Every Month Of The Year

If a Sunday tour better fits your schedule, Sue Bennett will
        be giving a walking tour of Charleston on Sunday morning,
        November 10, at 10:00.  Sue is a native Charlestonian and an
        excellent guide.  You may reach her at 843.343.6351 or sue@walkcharleston.com


Adults: $22.00
Children: $8.00 (ages 7-12)

Length of Tour: 3 hours


Private tours are available.


Reservations Required
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